Naming widespread political education and specialized civil training as the solution of the American public service dilemma, in two resolutions from the senior and junior delegates, the three day Guardian conference on the Public Service came to a close Saturday afternoon.

Modern government is faced with organization and management problems the experts' report read, which "must be met in a successful manner in order to preserve the effectiveness of our democratic institutions. Our colleges and universities can render constructive service by emphasizing these issues i their social science program."

Ten-Point Program

The undergraduates drew up a ten-point program to supply a "long needed trained personnel in the administrative branches of municipal, state, and Federal governments."

Closer collaboration between colleges and government personnel, establishment of a permanent corps of trained administrators, greater flexibility of promotion and transfer within the service, and a higher wage scale were among the points emphasized, in the undergraduate report.

The conference was a series of informal presentations and discussions of invited experts in government, business, labor, and administration, with undergraduates concentrating in one of the social sciences.