The Moviegoer


No matter how sophisticated is the girl you take, she'll secretly think that Clark Gable is pretty swell; and even if you should drop in all by yourself, you'll rediscover that Myrna Loy is just your style, although maybe she's a wee bit too perfect. From the safety of the balcony, you may wonder once in a while if a newsreel photographer's life is really as electric as Mr. Gable's portrayal would have you think. It can't be all burning ships and wars and jungles; doesn't Photographer Gable ever have to shoot the Sweepstake winners, or the first snowfall, or Santa Claus, or third assistant secretary Throttlebottom's speech, you wonder. However, Mr. Gable has the wonderful ability to grin convincingly even when the joke is on himself. And who wouldn't go to South America with Miss Loy? Heck, even the savages in "Too Hot To Handle" are dandy.

And "The Mysterious Mr. Moto" is O.K. too. Is velly mysterious.