To the Editor of the Crimson:

I should like to thank you for your report of the Lowell House Symposium on evolution and for your admirable editorial on the subject. In chronicling my own brief remarks and ignoring the names and speeches of the actual participants, however, you failed to do justice to the undergraduate members whose show it was. If considerations of space required the cutting of the story, as I suppose, the gravy could have been spared better than the meat. The success of the symposium was owing entirely to Messrs. John D. Adams, Nathaniel Banfield, John Bonner, John Brainard, Irwin Clark, Vinton Dearing, and Eric Johnson. As you observed in your editorial, it is noteworthy that undergraduates, using tutors only as consultants, should combine their specialized talents for a common assault on a broad problem. David Worcester '28.