Near-Invincible Crimson Swimmers to Face Yale's Strong Challenges Tonight

The Yale-Harvard swimming meet will be broadcast over WAAB and the Colonial Network at 9:30 o'clock tonight under the auspices of the Harvard CRIMSON.

NEW HAVEN, CONN., March 12--Undefeated for 23 consecutive contests, a highly favored Harvard swimming team will attempt to swamp a powerful Yale squad for the second year in succession tonight at 8:45 o'clock in the Eli's Payne Whitney Exhibition Pool.

Biggest pre-game question is the fitness of Bulldog Captain Johnny Macionis. Only recently recovered from an attack of tonsilitis, the leader of the Blue tankmen was barely able to compete against Princton Wednesday. If he is in condition, it is expected that he will swim the 220 against Bill Kendall '40, the 200 breastroke against Dario Berizzi '38, and possibly anchor leg in the 400 free-style relay.

No Iron Men Needed Tonight

But even an iron-man triple-event stunt by Macionis will not save the Yale cause, for most estimates of the scoring figure that the meet will be in the bag for the Crimson after the breaststroke or at the latest after the 440. Princeton's triumph over the Elis has removed a lot of the uncertainty about the meet's results, and, unconvincing as comparative scores may be, the fact that Harvard has already trimmed the trimmers of Yale should prove something this time.

Captain Charlie Hutter is scheduled to navigate the two free-style sprints, the 50 and 100. He should take the former easily, but in the century there will be some hot opposition from his teammate Jim Curwen '40. Closest event of the evening will be between Yale's Joe Burns and Graham Cummin '38 in the 150 backstroke. Burns has done 1:37.6, while Cummin's official best is three-tenths of a second faster.

Greenhood or Endweiss Again

The dive, as it was last year, is almost unpredictable. Rusty Greenhood '39 is constantly known to be capable of 125 points while Dean Endweiss has been consistently around 116, the score that Greenhood made when he defeated Cranston, of Princeton last week. Danforth of Yale, who is also in the over-110 point class, is a sure third. The race for second place in the 50 between Don Barker '38 and Eric Perryman will be close, for both men have been swimming the event around 24 seconds all year. For more concise, complete forecast, see below.