Union Practical Politics Committee Obtains Data on Founding State University in Boston

The practical Politics Committee of the H.S.U. launched its active program yesterday, as it conducted a hearing at the State House on the bill providing for the establishment of a committee to investigate the possibility of a state university in Boston.

For the first time in history, a group of students gathered supporters, the data, and information for a bill in a House Committee hearing. Representative Miller introduced the bill which he had proposed to the legislature, and turned over the hearing to Logan Bullitt '41, Chairman of the Practical Politics Committee.

Bullitt introduced Russell Wood, vice-chairman of the Cambridge School Committee, Kenneth Taylor, a representative of the A. F. of L in Massachusetts, and Valery Burati of the textile workers organizing committee. These speakers that the H. S. U. had gathered for the occasion presented their reasons for the passing of the bill.