The Moviegoer


A lot of people disliked the old Robert Taylor (for one reason or another) but a lot more are going to dislike the new Robert Taylor. He is a big, virile fellow--courtesy of M. G. M.--with incredible athletic prowess, a fine disdain for the weaker sex. He carries his beauty with boyish modesty. And just to rouse the dormant nationalism in the breast of every true American, he has gone to England--courtesy of M. G. M.--and taken it by storm. "A Yank at Oxford," now at Loew's, is a domestic flop which promises to become an international incident.

Nothing could be more un-English than the actions of the swarms of Oxonians who dot the college grounds. Nothing could be more dubious than Mr. Taylor's inevitable victory in every sport he undertakes. Nothing could be more trite than the way Mr. Taylor wins British acclaim by taking the blame for another man's wickedness. The whole thing is a tour de force. "Women In Prison" isn't very good either.