Prizes Will Be Given Best Performers; Colonel Apted, Head of Yard Police, To Judge

The Freshman class will parade its talent in an another "amateur" show tomorrow night unlike the one given last fall, prizes will be given from the remaining profit of the first Yardling dance. The performance is to be given in the Lower Common Room of the Union at 7:15 o'clock Sunday and will be judged by three officers of the University, among them Colonel Apted.

There was such an enthusiastic response to the competition for the three prizes of $7.50, $5, and $3, that the Union Committee, which is sponsoring the show, will have to eliminate the contestants by lot.

Colonel Apted will leave his duties as head of the Yard police for the evening. His skill in tracking down the criminal will for a change, be turned to singling out a star performer. Other judges will be Yard proctors, but have not been selected as yet.

Monologues, playing of musical instruments, tap dancing and other acts will comprise the bill of entertainment.