Godkin Foundation to Sponsor Four Speeches on Economics by Swedish Celebrity

Gunnar Myrdal, noted European economist, will deliver four public lectures under the Godkin Foundation here on May 2, 4, 9, and 11 on the subject, "The Population Problem and Social Security."

The lecturer holds positions as professor of Economics at the University of stockholm and as advisor to the Swedish government. He has written extensively on national economy and related subjects.

In Memory of "Nation's" Editor

The Godkin Foundation was endowed by friends of Edwin Godkin, founder and for many years editor of "The Nation" magazine, "as a memorial of his long and distinguished service to the country of his adoption.

By the terms of the grant the lectures must be on "The essentials of free government and the duties of the citizen, or upon some part of that subject." The endowment enables delivery and publication of these lectures each spring.