Wigglesworth Nosed Out By Matthews in Softball Game

Matthews Overcomes Lead by Crucial Ninth Inning Rally

Matthews edged out Wigglesworth by the score of 33 to 31 yesterday at Soldiers Field to take the lead in the Freshman Softball League.

Johnny Van Landingham, Kimball Penney, Gale Burton, and Philip Richmond pitched for Wigglesworth with Leo Marx and Temple Holcroft behind the plate. The batteries for Matthews were Richard Cleaves and Donald Brew pitching, with Dick Law catching.

Wigglesworth was leading the closest contest played this year by 17 to 3 in the third inning. At the opening of the ninth inning Matthews was trailing 28 to 21, but put on a spirited rally the result of which was twelve runs.

Wigglesworth did not resign before the onslaught, but rallied in the last half of the ninth chalking up three runs. When the last man was struck out Wigglesworth had three men on base.