Candid Camera Shots Will Be Featured in Deacons' Year Book

Articles and Photographs Deal With Extra-curricular Activities

Featuring 50 pages of candid camera shots of house members engaged in various extra-curricular activities, the Deacons Testament, Kirkland House yearbook, will appear in the first week of June.

Intended to the entirely personal in appeal to the Deacons, the articles and photographs deal with typically house activities such as the Tuesday afternoon teas at Professor and Mrs. Clark's. There will be several pages devoted to quasi-fiction, in which reference will be made to different house members.

Hunter Hendee '39, of Grosse Point, Michigan, is the editor-in-chief. George E. Stubbs Jr. '38 of Scarsdale, New York, is business manager. In charge of sales is Theodore L. Hazlett Jr. '40, of Pittsburgh, Penn. Robert F. Mozley '38 and Joseph E. Jones Jr. '38 serve on the Photo Board.

The rough red cover of the 115 page volume is made of a burlap material and bears the Kirkland Seal in gold.