First Freshman Football Managers' Meet Wednesday

Winner Will Become Freshman Manager; Others Have a Chance at Being Varsity Manager

The first competition open to Freshmen, that of football manager, opens on Wednesday afternoon with the award of football numerals awaiting the winner and valuable training for all who enter.

In all, five men will be rewarded, for besides the Freshman manager who will receive his major numerals, four others are picked who are privileged to compete in their Sophomore year for the position of Varsity Manager.

The candidate's work starts each morning with a meeting where he gets his assignments for the day under one of the Sophomore assistants. This may consist of work on the fields, distributing hoods, white scrimmage shirts, or others of the jobs that helps practice run smoothly. The evening work has been almost entirely eliminated.

On game days the candidate reports to the field as soon as his classes are over to set up equipment for the game, and then is on duty during the game either as water boy or as assistant on the field. If possible candidates receive one day a week off.