Completing two weeks of practice and in preparation for the curtain riser with Brown this weekend, head coach Dick Harlow sent his Varsity "red-shirts" out against the scrubs Saturday morning in a regular, four-period game with officials, timers, and other paraphernalia.

The result was described as "very satisfactory" by Dick (who is rather reticent about such things), for the Varsity, rolled through, around, and over their opponents by a score of 47 to 6.

Starring for the big-timers were the two ends, Captain Bob Green and big Don Daughters. Green caught two short aerials, one from ace wingback Torby Macdonald and the other from tailback Austy Harding, both for scores. Daughters was the proverbial bulwark on defense and set the stage for one score when he Larry Kellied a scrub fumble on the four-yard stripe.

Cohen, Smith Scrapping

Other highlights of the clash were a 42-yard scoring runback of a punt by Flash Macdonald and two long pay dashes by Mike Cohen and Ben Smith. These boys are scrapping it out for the "A" spinning back position, key post of the Harlow offense held so long by Vernon Struck, now a backfield coach.

The only regular who did not see service was Ken Booth, Harvard's bid for some kind of an "All" tackle and tailback Frank Foley but both are ready for service now. Mose Hallet filled in for him and played like he owned the post. For the scrubs guard Bill Coleman and wingback Ray Jones recently elvated to the "red-shirts," stood out. Jones passed to Win Jameson for the scrubs' lone tally.

Regulars for the Varsity like Tim Russell, center, Cliff Wilson and Chief Boston, blockers, right guard Dave Glueck, and Nick Mellen and Tom Healey, the "new faces" at left guard and tackle respectively, were strong reasons why the scrubs' first downs were few and far between.


Besides bringing out the fact that there is, as everyone is beginning to ascertain, a sharp break between the regulars and the reserves. Saturday's clash brought out that Harlow and Wes Fesler must really get working on the kicking.