Crimson Swimmers Show Need of Improvement in Saturday Match as Powers Stars

Swimming activities in the Ivy League Saturday evening proved what early-season meets generally, prove--that lots of training and a few more meets are necessary before anyone can tell just how the League struggle will come out.

Harvard's meet with Greenwood Memorial certainly showed that the Ulenmen need plenty of work. Although Greenwood bowed 51 to 24, the score last year was 64 to 11. The Crimson performances were definitely in the "early-season" category, a fact which could be overlooked almost any year but this. In view of the strong Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth and Brown teams this season Captain Rusty Greenhood and his team will have to begin scaling down the times a little ahead of schedule.

Powers Wins Two

Frank Powers was the hero of the evening, if' one can be named. His 2:20.2 220-yard free-style win is a creditable early-season time. He also won the 100 free in 56.4.

Yale opened its season by trimming its Alumni, 38 to 28. Danny Endweiss's 124.97 points-first in the dive stands out as the best Eli achievement, while Captain John Good, Ed Gesner, and Paul Metcalf looked well, Sprinter Eric Perryman and backstroker Joe Burns were a bit disappointing.