The Moviegoer

At The University

A double bill that harps a little too consistently on its tune of social significance still makes claims to being good entertainment. The combining of "Our Leading Citizen" and "These Glamour Girls" was unfortunate, but both pictures have many points that recommend them. In the main feature, Bob Burns gives a healthy demonstration of tolerance as a philosophy of life. His portrayal is of a homely lawyer who patterns his ideals after those of Lincoln. In fact, a bust of Lincoln reigns over his office desk. None of the acting in the picture is exceptional, and none of the parts are cast perfectly, but all in all, the picture gives the audience a gratifying experience of having gotten something off its chest vicariously, which might never be said in actual life.

The second feature is built around the most threadbare of trite plots, the Cinderella story, but it at times reaches a brilliance of satirical comedy that is beyond most second features. Based on life at a Princeton week-end (Princeton is called Kingsford), the picture gives a fair conception of a gay time in those ivy-covered walls and takes high society for a bitter ride. Outside of that it also introduces an excellent portrayal by Lana Turner of an all too, too naive taxi-dance girl.