Late Practice With Dummy Bags Ends Under Stadium Lights; Injuries of Lowry and Gardella Improve

Dick Harlow drove his Varsity gridmen through another long workout yesterday afternoon as preparations went on at a fast clip for the Bulldog skirmish Saturday. For the second day in a row the squad moved over underneath the Stadium lights for the final 15 minutes of work with the dummy bags.

Kicking practice started at 2 o'clock, and thoughts of Eli Hovey Seymour's booming spirals gave the boys something to shoot at. Seymour is expected to give the Blue a punting edge Saturday, but Charley Spreyer, Torbie Macdonald, Hank Vander Eb, and Frannie Lee are getting in a lot of hard work in that department this week in an effort to match him.

Early Practice

The rest of the squad members reported at 2:30 o'clock, half an hour ahead of the usual time, and went through a full day of grid chores. They started off with some group work and defensive manoenvres against Blue plays. Then came dummy offensive work, a 30 minute scrimmage (the last of the week) against the Jayvees, and about half an hour of aerial operations.

The major portion of the drill again consisted of running off plays on the bags--to the tune of one hour. The last 15 minutes were under the lights. The passing yesterday was only mediocre, and the practice as a whole was not as satisfactory as Monday's.

Injured Men Improving

Don Lowry participated in everything but the bag work, while the other casualties, Joe Gardella and Greeley Summers, were jogging. Jim Devine's head cold again kept him out of all action. Mose Hallett was at left tackle on the B team yesterday and shapes up as the first tackle replacement, behind either Miller or Healey.

Sherm Hoar, 160 pound Senior, was again at the B team wingback spot because both Gardella and Summers remained on the injured list. Hoar is an Exeter product.

The lineups: A Team  B Team MacKinney, l.e  l.e., Kelly Miller, l.t.  l.t., Hallett Peabody, l.g  l.g., Lowry Ayres, c.  c., Grover Pfister, r.g.  r.g., Downing Healey, r.t.  r.t., Gardiner Lovett, r.e.  r.e., Koufman Coleman, q.b.  q.b., Vander Eb Macdonald, l.h.  l.h., Spreyer Lee, r.h.  r.h., Hoar Heiden, f.b.  f.b., Brown