Pacifists Plan to Display Feelings in Rallies Fixed for Armistice Weekend

Numerous Groups Participating it Meetings and Speeches for Peace

"Peace at any price" seems to be the theme of the numerous student pacifist organizations meeting over Armistice weekend to prove the folly and uselessness of war.

The Harvard Student Union will give a free showing of the moving picture "Grande Illusion" in the New Lecture Hall on Friday afternoon and will follow this up with an announcement of the results of its peace poll which has been conducted throughout the week. Bert Witt, secretary of the American Student Union, will also give a short speech, complimenting the Union on its stand in the crisis.

Meeting in Mem Hall

The Harvard Anti-War Committee has planned a huge demonstration in Memorial Hall on Friday to denounce the country's "two-faced stand" during the past month and a half.

The Student Christian Movement has issued an appeal to "all student who wish to stop the menace of war as good Christians should" to come to a meeting at the Old South Church tomorrow and discuss the situation with Professor Henry J. Cadbury '04, professor of Biblical Literature, and other noted pacifists.

The Youth Committee Against War has also reiterated its appeal for men to distribute anti-war leaflets at the legionnaire parade on Boston Common, Armistice Day. The results of this appeal have been rather negligible due to the danger of arrest or strong-arming.

Two-Day Demonstration

The Massachusetts Youth Committee has also planned a two-day demonstration at the Boston Y.M.C.A. which has met with generous response from many Harvard students. The Harvard Student Union has even sent in a special delegation to the meeting.

Although most of these groups are united in general ideals, they split on several issues. Most notable of these is the formal complaint filed by the Harvard Anti-War Committee against the Harvard Student Union for issuing nonunion made pamphlets. "We are especially indignant because the Harvard Student Union claims to be friendly towards labor," the complaint reads.