The Moviegoer

At the University Theatre

The Hays Office has definitely begun to unbend, gentlemen, and it is high time someone broke forth with a few congratulatory huzzahs. "Honeymoon in Bali," the latest case in point, has Madeleine Carroll; it has faint glimmers of Bali; and it has a script that sometimes scintillates. Of course, it does have Fred MacMurray, too; and it is burdened with a plot; but such things seem to be inevitable. Only when the Message becomes too obvious does the pace sag; Miss Carroll, it seems, has planned her whole life with the mathematical precision of an M. I. T. graduate, and must be convinced that Love is more important than a business career. Without too much trouble, however, she is brought around; and the result is, among other things, Carolyn Lee, another new child actress. Just as a footnote, Carolyn also learns about Love, and doesn't hesitate to point out such shortcomings as she finds in Madeleine's technique. The whole is a bright little comedy of an unimportant sort whose serious moments are dull and few, and whose subtle moments are clever and frequent.

"What A Life," with Jackie Cooper, is an unsuccessful small-town drama which might have gone over with a better script, faster-paced direction, fewer cliches, and Mickey Rooney.