Freshman Starting Swing Column Has Jammed With Goodman, Krupa, Gray

Michael Levin '42, who today begins a weekly swing column for the CRIMSON has been writing on jazz for the Cleveland News for a year an a half.

Besides his writing, he had his own band while a student at Shaker Heights High School in Cleveland. When he gave a talk on jazz in the Union last term under the auspices of the American Civilization Group it was attended by the largest crowd of the series.

Levin has "jammed" with Benny Goodman, Jimmy Lunceford, Glen Gray and Gene Krupa in his capacity as a piano player. He has ambitions to form a band here and feels that swing music is "jass in the truest sense of the world."

He does not feel that jazz is a particularly good career because, he says, only the top men make a living from it. Despite this pessimism Levin is hopeful that he can arouse interest in swing.

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