Gals From South Bombard Harvard With Fan Letters

Mississippi Freshwomen Write to Students at Bidding of Elders In College

Out at the Mississippi State College for Women lonely Freshmen these days are forced by upperclassmen to play a game combining the salient characteristics of "post office" and "dear lonely heart" which has resulted in a flood of fan mail addressed Harvard men, sight unseen.

Unfortunately the girls were not aware of Harvard's traditional indifference to mail box numbers when they addressed the epistles to mail box numbers corresponding to their own, and the letters were referred to Colonel Apted for investigation.

Type Letters

The notes conform rather strictly to type. Each starts with an explanation of the game, although one, signed "Box 1300 (lucky, I hope!)" maintained that the writer was a Sophomore., just doing it for fun.

In general the authors' interests are in water-sports, dancing, and "that grand outdoor exercise, riding in a car," as one girl phrased it. All letters ended with a plea to "write soon," and one said, "After all, what's wrong with a little getting acquainted?"

Descriptions vary widely, from a "tall brunette," a "blonde with green eyes," a "red-head with green eyes," to a "milkmaid." One writer, to clear up any misconceptions, said coyly in the middle of a letter, "I'm a girl, of course!"