Alumni Directory Goes Co-ed, Listing Men And Women Together in New 1940 Edition

Formerly Listed Separately; 75,000 Grads in First Directory Since 1937

Letting down the barriers to co-education for the first time in history, the Harvard Alumni Directory lists men and women side by side in its new 1940 edition just out. Practically 75,000 living graduates, both men and women, are included in the directory, which is the first since 1937.

In previous editions, the women have been listed in a special section. Referring to the new arrangement which he instituted, David W. Bailey, publication agent, said:

"Unlike its predecessors, this edition of the Harvard Alumni Directory contains no invidiously separate roll of alumnae. Women doctors of public health, women adjusts in arts, women masters and doctors of education, together with their non-graduate sisters, are now to be found in proper alphabetical sequence intermingled with Harvard men.

"Truth, like justice, has usually been personified as a woman; and the university, which is dedicated to the search for the one, might soon have been found wanting in the scale of the other, if it had continued much longer to deny equal status in its records to those whose full participation it invited in the professional field."

Because of the war, the compilers of the directory failed to locate the addresses of many of the graduates living abroad. Boundaries and names of towns have changed so much in Europe during the last two years, that the directory is based almost entirely upon pre-Munich addresses.

A total of 74,733 living graduates, including 600 women, is listed in the directory. The 1937 edition listed 67,676. The University knows the addresses of all the Alumni except 4.7 per cent who are recorded as "lost."