First Meetings to Be Held Tuesday at Harvard and Radcliffe, Directed by English Instructors

Evening seminar meetings for Harvard and Radcliffe English A students interested in writing short stories and verse are scheduled to begin Tuesday evening, February 27, at 7:30, Theodore Morrison '23, lecturer on English, announced yesterday.

English A, required by Corporation ruling of most entering Freshmen, aims chiefly at developing skill in expository writing. "Many students in the course, however," said Morrison, "have expressed a desire to do creative writing."

Special Consideration

Although there will be no direct correlation between the seminars and regular course work, Morrison promised that "stories or poems of outstanding merit will receive special consideration."

Various members of the English department are scheduled to lead the groups. Wallace Stegner, instructor in English, directs the first short story division Tuesday in the Poetry Room in Widenor Library. Samuel F. Morse, instructor in English, will meet those interested in verse in the Chess Room of the Union. Robert G. Davis '30 and Howard Baker, instructors in English, will conduct the Radcliffe divisions.