Polo Team Opposes Yale in Attempt to Avenge Setback

Eager to avenge last Saturday's 14 to 9 setback at the hands of a strong Yale polo team, Major Sargent's malletmen will oppose their rivals tonight on the home field, confident of taking full advantatge of the larger playing area afforded at the Armory.

In an attempt to prolong its undefeated record, the Yardling trio will meet a visiting Eli aggregation, whose relative power is unknown, since the two teams have played no common opponent. Yale has dropped a 12 to 8 decision to the Tiger cubs and overcame several prep school aggregations.

Captain Nate Greer, Bob White, and Rollo Thompson have twice defeated the Artillery and Cavalry, downed Edgewood once and overcome an informal organization, the "Caissons" several times.