Gift of Late Dr. Fall Contains 250,000 Insects Native to North American Continent

Representing a life's work, a bequest of 250,000 beetles collected by the late Dr. Henry C. Fall of Tyngsboro was recently received at the Museum of Comparative Zoology.

The collection represents nearly a complete cross-section of modern classification of North American beetles and is of great scientific importance according to Philip J. Darlington, recently appointed Fall Curator of Coleopatera at the Museum.

In 296 boxes, 100,000 of the beeties are of a North American series. 50,000 are of the exotic type beetle, and remaining 100,000 belong to another North American group. Also included in the collection are a few thousand butterflies and moths.

A teacher of Physics and Chemistry, Dr. Fall graduated from Dartmouth in 1884 and died last November.