Food Committee Issues Report Of Board Poll

Recommends Trial of Student Waiters Although Housemasters Disapprove

Recommending a trial of student waiting in at least one or two of the House dining rooms this fall, the Student Council issued its findings on the entire situation in the report of the Committee on board, released Saturday.

The report contains the results of the poll taken last May of student opinion, and reveals that there is a slight majority of the student body opposed to seeing their fellows waiting in the Houses if there is no reduction in the board rate. It also shows that the House-masters are almost over-whelmingly opposed to the scheme. The Committee, however, decided that the system was worth at least a trial and recommended that it be tried as a supplement to the Temporary Student Employment.

The report came as a climax to a year of investigation on the part of the Committee, initisted last November in response to a petition submitted to the Council and asking for some action on the high rates of beard in the Houses

In a previous report, published last March, the Committee recommended that an efficiency expert and a and a dietarian be hired to supervise the kitchens. The University appointed the exprert but not the dietarian. The Committee then proceeded to take the poll which resulted in their latest report.