Model Home Built For ARP Students

Reproducing actual wartime methods, a model home has been set up in Hunt Hall to demonstrate blackout mechanics to students enrolled in the University Air Raid Precautions course. The three-sided wooden structure, which was first used in air raid courses conducted by the city of Cambridge, served last night as practical laboratory work in the course leading to Federal Air Raid Warden's insignia.

Four classes of up to fifty people each listened to Librarian Robert Haines as he pointed out the various means of blacking out a well-lighted room by methods ranging from complete boarding up to the use of attractive drapes. Students and faculty members enrolled in the course examined the seven windows, each sealed in a different way. Every one of the windows was found to be satisfactorily light-tight, and the question of adequate ventilation was the only problem unsolved.

As part of the instruction, the entire group attended a lecture by Marc Peter, Jr., on the theory of the blackout. Here they learned the necessity and method of application of a wide-spread blackout system.