Hopper Inaugurates New Program To Be Broadcast Over Station WRUL

Morize to Deliver Second Talk in Short Wave Series

Bruce Hopper '24, associate professor of Government, will open a new series of broadcasts designed to further international understanding over short wave station WRUL, Sunday afternoon.

Going on the air under the name of "Through the World's Window," the programs will be a series of informal talks on different countries, their cultures, histories, and importance in the present world situation. Up to the minute political developments will be avoided, and an attempt will be made to give an intimate picture of nation and people.

Professor Hopper will speak on Russia, and following him Andre Morize, professor of French Literature, will discuss France on December 14.

Communications from people who have heard WRUL in Europe indicate that 4:30 to 5 o'clock is an excellent time for American broadcasts to be aired, since they command a large audience when they arrive on the continent 10:30. This half hour Sunday afternoons has been assigned to the "World's Window" series. Program Manager Douglas H. Schneider is trying to secure speakers for subsequent broadcasts, and, according to him, many of them will probably be Harvard Faculty members.

Harvard men have been working with the station in the past chiefly in connection with the Digest of American Editorial Opinion, a summary of public thought in the United States which is broadcast five times a week at 5:15 o'clock and has received enthusiastic approval from listeners. One of the many letters that the station has received was from a Londoner who said he wished "to thank the Harvard men for their fine work in interpreting opinion."