Sends Telegram to Union Backing Workers in Strike at Bethlehem

Sympathizing with the workers in the Bethlehem Steel Strike, the Harvard Liberal Union's executive council sent a telegram last night to the District Director of the Steel Workers' Organizing Committee congratulating the strikers for making just demands to remedy unfair labor practices on the part of the company. The Liberal Union has fully supported the national defense program, but resents the use of troopers to break up what it considers a perfectly justifiable strike.

To clarify their position, the Liberal Union chiefs have issued this statement: "When any organization takes sides in a strike which is holding up production in a defense industry, it must do so only after careful reflection. It is the considered opinion of the executive council that the demands of the SWOC for the establishment of legitimate collective bargaining should be met by the Bethlehem management. The elimination of the company union, which has been condemned by the NLRB, will end the strike more quickly and equitably than Governor James' storm troopers."