"Mickey the Dude" Caps Tipsy Ibis; Starlet's Press Agent Annoys 'Poon

Phinizy is Caught in Whirl-Pool of Hollywood Publicity

"I may not have the Lampoon building but at least I have their Ibis," proudly announced "Mickey" Sullivan, formerely councilman from Cambridge's ninth ward, as he met the Ibis, the 'Poonsters now famous bird, yesterday afternoon.

The two Cantabridgians ran across each other in Harvard Square when the Ibis wandered out of McBride's just a touch woozy and ran into the famous anti-Lampoon diplomat who is bringing suit against the funny mag for libel.

The ex-councillor immediately took possession of the bird by the ancient and honorable Gaelic method of placing his hat on its head and mattering odd incantations. "Now its mine," he announced.

The Fly In the Ointment

Oblivious of "Mickey the Dude," Coles Phinizy dined on duck and champagne last night, looking into the eyes of his post-mortem Harlow, and flanked by her publicity manager who has succeeded in flying his way into the soup of every man on both the CRIMSON and the Lampoon.

The be-tailed funny mag President thought he was taking Marjorie Woodworth to the 'Poon dance, but others believe he was disappointed to realize he had actually dated this 'obtuse individual" who has tried to Hollywoodize every possible angle of the Battle of the Ibis. Marjorie, they said, was merely tagging along to stare at adolescent cameras.

"High-pressure hog Bernie Kamber now spread his unwanted presence across the supper table, and kept looking up between mouthfulls for any 'stunt' which might publicise his beautiful guinea pig," and observer said. His chance came when CRIMSON editors appeared between say, Ritz diners bearing a moulting canary bird, incarnate soul of the sacred lbis. Many eye witnesses claim that at this point, Kamber seized the helpless bird, wrung its neck, put it on a large china plate and made Marjorie eat it as Boston photographers clicked their flash bulbs madly.