Few Companies Alter Policy in Regard to College Men

Phillips Brooks House's Placement Office, like every other College organization, has been thrown into a state of confusion since the outbreak of war, but according to Director John L. Stoole, men who want jobs can find them.

Although no full checkup of companies has been made, Steele said he thought there were only a few concerns that would change their employment policies with respect to college graduates and draft eligibles.

"There are even a few companies," Steele continued, "who will take the risk on men in Class 1-A, provided they are not to be inducted as soon as they receive their diplomas."

Just before Christmas recess there were foods of Seniors seeking interviews, but their coming might just as well have been due to a response to postcards sent out from the Office, rather than the result of the national situation.

Firms changing their policies of employment now seek men of over 45, or young men in definite defered categories such as 4-F, Steelo allmitted.

Governmental agencies will accept college graduates despite the possibility of induction, but no department will insure exemption of any of its workers.