Three Alarm Fire

Despite the ARP's plea for Volunteer Firemen, Cambridge's quota to date is a mere drop in the bucket. The Cambridge fire department has lost valuable men to the armed forces and the assistance of Volunteers will be a necessity if a large five breaks loose. Yet for the proposed squad of a thousand Volunteers, only a hundred have showed up.

Since the Auxiliary Firemen re called out for second alarm fires as well as possible enemy raids, they get careful training with ladders, pumps, pullmotors and the rest of the colorful paraphernalia that go with the long red trucks. The need is pressing and the course promises to be one of the most interesting in the Civilian Defense program. There will be practice in emergency rescue work and a change to operate the Department's high pressure hoses. Many Harvard men have the time to join the Auxiliaries and the work may be the most important in the volunteer service. It is amazing that so many Harvard men have forgotten their early yearning to rocket through stoplights and traffic clutching to the sides of a mammoth hook-and-ladder. For those who still remember there are plenty of chances to aid this vital Civilian Defense project along with the fulfillment of their childhood ambition.