Hu Flung Flings 'Em

"Brown is such a dull Collor," moaned the Sage of the Age I can't even think of a brown Flower. Even Cole is black, and Waters colorless. Of course, certain chemical Extracts are brown, the beef Pattee in the dining-Halls is brown, and Barnes are often painted Brown, but all in all it's dull."

"It's not going to be dull out there this afternoon," answered his friend, Wun Lung. "Let's not Delaney longer. How about a prediction?"

"Can't think straight because of Durwood alcohol I just drank," mumbled the Ashley pale Sage, "but things will probably get pretty Savage in the Stadium today. Whether the score is Harlow, I predict that Jawn will open the flood Gates, and De Angelis will be singing over the Bear's body tonight. Harvard 14, Brown 7