Deadline Definitely Set for December 1

With the official closing date for application in the Enlisted Reserve Corps already in sight, Eliot Perkins '23, director of the War Service Information Bureau yesterday issued figures revealing the number of vacancies still open to undergraduates.

Although enlistments in the Reserve programs have been suspended on various occasions in the past only to be reopened again, the December 1 deadline will be strictly adhered to in accordance with an order handed down by the First Service Command.

688 in Armed Forces

So far 688 students have been accepted into the five reserve programs. In addition to these voluntary enlistments, 450 members of the Army R.O.T.C. have been assigned to the Army Enlisted Reserve. All Naval Science men are enlisted in V-1.

For the Senior class, out of a quota of 203, there are 62 positions still available in the Enlisted Reserve Corps. The Junior class with a quota of 227 may apply for 57 remaining vacancies. A quota of 322 has been made available for the Sophomore class, of which 117 positions are still open.

'46 Quota Large

To offer an equal opportunity for the largest Freshman class in the history of the College, the War Department has assigned a quota of 442 to the class of 1946. With 177 of these positions filled, 160 of them by members of the Army R.O.T.C., 265 enlistments are still available for those who wish to join.

Since all military R.O.T.C. men are required to join the Army Enlisted Reserve, this considerably reduces the number of positions available to students who do not take the course. Of the Sophomore quota of 322, 140 automatically go to members of the College military unit. Eighty are claimed by R.O.T.C. members of the Junior class, while 70 are taken by the class of 1943.

The largest number of undergraduates have joined the Enlisted Reserve which claims 357 potential soldiers.