Durwood Parries Radcliffe Girl in Football Interview

Four strong football players wilted last night at the sight of a pretty Radcliffe sophomore. After nine mintes of questioning in a Crimson Network forum, gridders Don Forte, Russ Stannard, Cleo O'Donnell and Stan Durwood were unexpectedly confronted with Miss Peggy Edgerton-Bird, Radcliffe '45, who tried to pry into their tuner feelings while on the football field.

Except for the loquacious Durwood, who protested at this "sleeper pray," Saturday's stalwarts had little to say, and even Forte who withstood the attentions of screen star Constance Moore last spring at a House dance, was at a loss for words. Miss Edgerton-Bird's questions, most of which dealt with the player's thoughts during vital plays, drew shy responses, and Russ Stannard, toughest of the Crimson linemen, lost his voice entirely.