Frequency Modulation Used Tonight in Network Program

When the Crimson Network joins the frequency modulation system of the Yankee Network this evening between 8:15 and 10:00 o'clock, to make a broadcast of the joint Harvard and Radcliffe Glee Club concert, it will take the first step in what may develop into a new policy of closer relations between the college radio stations and FM networks.

The Yankee Network's 50,000 watt FM station in Boston, W43B, will broadcast the concert from Sanders Theatre, and the Crimson Network will carry the program, picked up on a special FM "tuner" to the University audience. During the concert intermission, the Network will leave the FM hookup to broadcast a resume of the finals in the University boxing championships directly from the Indoor Building.

Columbia's CURS is the only other station of the intercollegiate Broadcasting System that has made any attempt to use FM.

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