Eliminating two of its three pursuers and smashing five league records, Dartmouth's high-scoring basketball team has concluded its season in the Eastern League in a commanding position but not quite in one which assures it of undisputed claim to its fifth successive title.

Turning back Columbia by a three-point margin on Monday and Yale by a 68-52 count on Wednesday, the Indians bettered four marks, all of which, incidentally, they held themselves. They shot 269 field goals in 12 games, as compared to the 225 which the Green quintet of 1940 registered. They tossed in 147 free tries, six more than the previous high, and their 684 point-total bettered their 1940 mark by 107. A contributing factor were the 75 tallies poured in against Pennsylvania on January 14th, which topped the circuit mark of 65 in comfortable fashion.

The fifth record established was made by Jim Olsen. Dartmouth's six-foot, five-inch center, who registered 71 field goals during the campaign.

George Munroe also shattered a record, but it isn't an all time mark. He sank 47 fouls, one more than any player has had credited to him since 1923. Before that, however, the rules permitted one man to do all the foul shooting for the team. BASKETBALL LEAGUE   W.  L.  Pct. Dartmouth  10  2  .833 Princeton  7  2  .777 Cornell  6  4  .600 Pennsylvania  5  4  .555 Harvard  3  6  .333 Yale  2  8  .200 Columbia  1  8  .111

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