College Gives Material as Students Give Spare Time

One of the features of Visitation Day Tuesday at the Divinity School will be the dedication of a chapel "for meditation and prayer" which students in the school made from a disused class room and janitor's spare room.

Because they felt the need of such a chapel, a group of men, including all denominations, formed a committee and made their plans. These were submitted to Dean Willard L. Sperry, and where approved by the Faculty at their meeting in December.

After the vacation, the students went to work, and, interrupted, only by term exams, have finished the chapel, complete with cross and windows, simulating stained glass.

University Gives Aid

First job undertaken was the painting of the walls. This the University did but the students bought cream-colored cloth with which to cover the blackboards, remnants of the old class-room days. Dean Sperry, heartily agreeing with their plans, presented them with the old altar from Appleton Chapel, since torn down to make room for the Memorial Church, and with strips of red carpet, left-overs from the material used in the University church.

Next came the windows. Under the direction of John W. Eager, 2Dv., the men cemented pieces of colored cellophane onto the glass. To get the accurate shade, in some cases as many as eight layers of the substance were used, and put on according to a definite pattern drawn up by Eager.

Donations Received

A pair of kneeling-stools arrived anonymously while Faculty members gave other articles such as candlesticks. A friend of one of the students, William H. Fex, 2Dv., sewed the altar cloth, and the gray-colored material back of the altar. The men are hoping that, some time in the future, they can acquire a phonograph with records, and perhaps some books.

The chapel is designed for the use not only of the students, nor even members of the University, but for everyone of any faith who feels the need of such a place of worship.