Eliot and Winthrop Sweep Heats in Crew Opener

Seconds Carried by Leverett, Kirkland

Leaving five other House crews in their wake, Winthrop and Eliot won their opening heats of the season yesterday afternoon, turning in times of 5:57 and six minutes flat respectively. The only House that did not participate was Adams, which was forced to default because of a leg injury to one of its members.

The lineup of the crews in the order in which they finished was as follows:

Winthrop: Berrien Anderson, stroke; Bill Dewey, 7; Don Pitkin, 6; Bill Appel, 5; Bill Apthorp, 4; Paul Sheeline, 3; Miles Wambaugh, 2; Sam Tucker, 1; Sam Leland, cox.

Leverett: Don Johnson, stroke; Bill Eustis, 7; Henry Bigelow, 6; Doug Burns, 5; George Crane, 4; Bob Boot, 3; Bob Neiley, 2; Will Hunnewell, 1; Don Quimby, cox.

Dunster: Bill Lucas, stroke; Walt Rogers, 7; Bill Schal, 6; Frank Hammond, 5; Fred Cunningham, 4; Al Schmidt, 3; Tom Winship, 2; Finn Ferner, 1; Cliff Taylor, cox.

Dudley: Howard Healy, stroke; Merrit Saldinger, 7; Herb Yarish, 6; Jack Hurwitz, 5; Mal McArdle, 4; Bert Huberman, 3; Mort Wilson, 2; Ed Palmer, 1; Jack Bernstein, cox.

In the second heat, the boatings, in the order of finishing, are as follows:

Eliot: Gene Wulsin, stroke; Herb Church, 7; Hugh Manning, 6; John Carpenter, 5; Chub Peabody, 4; Henry "Soup" Campbell, 3; Joe Grant, 2; Charlie Putnam, 1; John Straus, cox.

Kirkland: Eb Stern, stroke; Bud Wentworth, 7; Iggy Anderson, 6; Ed Garrison, 5; Morris Lambie, 4; Bert Roth, 3; Haskell Schell, 2; Mike Murray, 1; Sam Mantel, cox.

Lowell: Andy Kauffman, stroke; Thompson Orr, 7; Bill Dutton, 6; Sam Kent, 5; Bill Lewis, 4; Don Bradshaw, 3; Sven Peterson, 2; Dick Bowen, 1; Howard Oedel, cox.