Bad Breaks Soon as Vital Factor in Concluding Meet

With only a mediocre season behind them, Coach Jack Barnaby's Varsity racquetmen meet Yale tomorrow in an attempt to close out the current campaign with a resounding triumph over the Sophomore studded Eli outfit.

Little is known about the Blue squad, but the very fact that six out of the 10 Bulldog entries are Sophomores shows that at least it lacks one essential prerequisite, that is, experience.

Bad Breaks Crucial

Unfortunately, the exact same statement applies to the Crimson, only to a lesser degree, so that tomorrow's match promises to be a battle royal between players who may well tend to blow up if a few bad breaks come their way.

Barnaby's entries will be Jim Jenkins, Hugh Hyde, Captain Orme Wilson, Ted Cohn, Bill Kissell, Dick Sorlien, Howio Ezell, Wally McDonald, Lin Burton, Bill Frothingham and Will Nicholl playing in that order, respectively.

The Eli entries are Dick Cooley, Captain Jim Ethridge, Bob McKenna, Grant Wilmer, George Burgwin, Al Ford, Bill Warrilow, Stan Rumbaugh, Jack Malo and John Braasch.

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