Princeton, Oklahoma Win Over Fifty Four Contestants

With 54 colleges and universities taking part, Harvard's eight-man contract bridge team won a third place, behind Princeton and the University of Oklahoma, in a tournament played from April 20 through 24, the Intercollegiate Bridge Tournament announced this week. This year, for the first time, the tournament was played on each campus and scored by mail, thus enabling the students whose academic year has been accelerated to participate without undue inconvenience.

The Crimson faired no better in the contest to determine the top-ranking college bridge pair of the year. In this competition, won by a pair of veteran medical students from Kansas State College, Harvard's "mail-order" representatives, Milton W. Kelly '43, and Lewis N. Sandler '42, finished third high in individual pairs. This, in itself, was no mean feat, since they outplayed 212 other contract duos representing men's women's and co-ed colleges.

In keeping with the times, the victorious Tiger team will receive a $100 check to be presented to the American Red Cross. Individual plaques will also be awarded to the team champions and to the high-scoring Kansas State pair. The tournament was scored by the par system formerly used for the World Bridge Olympics.