Strauss, Farlow Quintets to Meet

Having already gained one leg-on the Freshman Interdormitory Plaque by its victory in last fall's touch football championship, Strauss Hall will send its basketball team against Farlow Friday in Hemenway Gymnasium in an attempt to capture the Yard hoop crown. Both teams topped their respective leagues and gained the right to a play-off in the Yardling basketball "world series."

By winning against Farlow, Strauss can practically assure itself first place in the race for the Yard championship. This standing is based on the point total of each team amassed throughout the year in the touch football, basketball, and baseball contests.

Through its victory in the touch football league, Strauss got off to a flying start with the 12 points awarded to the winner of this event. Matthews, which has placed second to Strauss both in League two's football and basketball stands as the greatest threat to the leading Strauss team. Farlow is not a strong contender for the final championship because, although guaranteed at least second honors in basketball, it did not fare well in the fall football championship.