New Crimson Officers Take Over Positions As Accelerated Program Presses Old Board

Because of the pressure of the accelerated program, the 1944 Crimson Executives filled their posts Monday night instead of in the fall as originally planned. The incoming Executives are: Dan H. Fenn, Jr., President; J. Robert Moskin, Managing Editor; Edwin J. Sommer, Business Manager; Thomas S. Kuhn, Editorial Chairman; William H. Forster, Photographic Chairman; Douglas A. Brown, Executive Editor; Lewis M. Krohn, Advertising Manger; and Burton E. Van Vort, Sports Editor. The following men took over posts not on the Executive Board; Joseph B. Smith and Charles W. Young, Assistant Editorial Chairmen; and Edward M. Casey, Local Advertising Manager.

The retiring Board includes; Paul C. Sheeline, President; Charles S. Borden, Managing Editor; Oliver R. B. Stalter, Business Manager, George R. Clay, Editorial Chairman; Dana Reed, Executive Editor; and A. Edward Rowse, Sports Editor. The men retiring from non-Executive Board posts are: Eugene Wulsin, News Editor; Myron S. Kaufmann and Adam Yarmolinsky, Assistant Editorial Chairmen.