It's Far Easier Than Saving On Sugar, Said the Jester

The Jester was in one of his patriotic moods. Isn't it a shame, he mused, that the Lampoon does nothing but try to be funny, when everybody else is doing something to help the war effort. We can be helpful too.

And so the Jester called upon one of the useful 'Poonsters, Harry Meryman, for the was known to be gifted mechanically. He had connected the telephone to the radio, and he had made the lights blink; now he would turn his skill to a more essential task than trying to induce merryment. Thus it was that the Narthex emeritus journeyed to the wilds of Dublin, N. H. and there did perfect a marvelous machine which ran on steam.

Then the Blot rushed in, breathless as usual. Have you not heard, he screamed, those Stanley Steamers all blew up, why should we be different? And the Blot was right as usual, for the Meryman steamobile is no more.