Coop, Navy Will Buy Lamps From Students

With the influx of WAVES into Radcliffe providing an unexpected market for electrical equipment, the Naval Supply School and the Coop are anxious to purchase several hundred lamps from undergraduates, the Student Council Committee investigating the furniture problem announced last night.

Representatives of the two groups will be in the Winthrop House Junior Common Room, H-entry, from 10 to 12 o'clock on Saturday morning. They stipulate that they are interested only in I. E. S. and flourescent equipment, and have agreed to buy the lamps on the spot. Council officials emphasized, however, that even though students are not ready to part with their equipment, they should have it appraised at that time.

George M. Burditt '44, newly-elected President of the Council, announced also that the report on the whole furniture problem had been completed and presented to the Deans. No definite action has as yet been taken, but Burditt stated that the recommendations of the investigating committee would be released early next week.