Aviation Reserve Unaltered By College-Manpower Plan

University Silent on War Change-Over

Though the details of the Army-Navy plan for the utilization of the colleges in the war effort are still obscured and still under discussion, no announcements were made during the vacation, according to University authorities.

But two phases of the plan were "officially interpreted" immediately after its release. Both dealt with the fate of the Army Enlisted Reserve Corps. One other "clarification" dealt with deferments approved by the War Manpower Commission for occupational reasons of both Faculty and students not in the reserves.

Order Students Up

Dealing with date of call of the ERC, it was stated: "By January 1, 1943, the War Department will have completed its preparation to call to active duty enlisted reserve corps students covered by section g (7) of the Army Plan. These students will thereafter begin to receive orders to report for active duty at designated times and places. No orders will be given to report on a date prior to two weeks after the completion of the student's first academic quarter, term, or semester terminating after December 31, 1942."

University officials pointed out that Harvard deals with the beginning of terms, rather than the end, and that the spring semester opens February 1; thus the present one would close just before that date.

Air Corps Separate

Another statement declared that: "The Army Specialized Training Program does not include the Air Corps Reserve. A student who is a member of the Air Corps Enlisted Reserve will be called to active duty at the discretion of the Air Corps, and at such time as he can be immediately assigned to training."

The complete text of the manpower announcement concerning the status of the Army and Navy Reserve programs as appeared in the special issue of the Crimson on December 17, can be seen in the Crimson office this week.

Acrording to the WMC edict, those who will be deferred until the end of the academic term which is in progress on March 1, 1943, are:

(1) All medical students (including hospital internes and residents), dental students, and veterinary students enrolled in approved institutions and subject to Selective Service; and all pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-veterinary students who have completed one year of study in approved institutions.

(2) All graduate students enrolled in approved engineering curricula; and all undergraduate students who have completed one year of study in approved engineering curricula.

Science Men Deferred

(3) All undergraduate students in approved colleges and universities who are specializing in chemistry, physics, or bacteriology and are within two years of the completion of the specialized curricula.

(4) All full-time instructors and all part-time instructors also devoting the balance of their time to study in any of the curricula above shall be deferred until July 1, 1943, or until otherwise directed by the War Manpower Commission.

Neither Captain George N. Barker, commanding officer of all Naval units here, nor Col. Francis M. Doniat, professor of Military Science and Tactics, had any statement to make concerning developments