Chaplain William D. Cleary, Commandant of the U. S. Army Chaplain School, was honored with a citation for distinguished service in the interest of inter-religious and inter-racial comity presented to him at a mass meeting last Sunday evening at Symphony Hall, Boston. Chaplain Ralph C. Deibert, Assistant Commandant and Director of Training, and Chaplain Max A. Braude, Assistant to the Director of Training, received similar awards.

The mass meeting sponsored by the Citizens Committee for Racial Unity and the Massachusetts Conference of Christians and Jews, was attended by 1200 people. Dr. Everett Clinchy, New York City, presented the citation in his capacity as president of the National Conference.

Chaplain Cleary's citaton noted his services in connection with the indoctrination of the chaplains who have been graduated from the Chaplain School since it was re-activated under his command in February, 1942. The awards to Chaplains Deibert and Braude described the organization of the curriculum of Chaplain School and the other activities of the Department of Training as significant contributions to inter-religious co-operation.

All three certificates were awarded with the concurrence of Major General Sherman A. Miles, Commanding General of the First Service Command, and Chief of Chaplains William R. Arnold.