Full Schedule Accelerates Activities In Week's Ivy League Basketball Play

Penn, Princeton Challenge Dartmouth in Lively Race

With every team in the circuit facing action this week, the Eastern Intercollegiate Basketball League is moving headlong into a race which gives promise of being its most exciting in a full decade. At this early point in the season, Penn and Princeton are both unbeaten and threaten to make it rough going for Dartmouth all the way.

Saturday night the Columbia five will journey to Princeton to tackle the Orange and Black. The Lions' new coach Cliff Battles was an interested spectator at the Indian-Tiger fray last week and picked up a few pointers on the methods his current opponents use.

Other contests send Harvard into action again, this time tonight at Hanover, and also call for a Yale trip into the White Mountains on Saturday to face Ossie Cowles' champions. Both these members of the Big Three are still seeking their first victory in the race.

Pennsylvania's able entry, now heading the pack and as yet unbeaten in collegiate competition, will tackle Cornell at Ithaca next weekend. This should be a particularly hard-fought battle and will serve to clarify further the true ability of these two teams.

Probably the most surprising thing about Dartmouth's defeat last week is that the Green had in its lineup four of the five men who started against Princeton in the 1942 playoff, whereas Captain Jack Munda of the Nassau quintet was the only Tiger hold-over from the team that faced the Indians on the Palestra floor. Bud Palmer, able pivot man for the home forces, was the player whom the visitors couldn't stop, but Sophomore Bill Van Breda Kolff was also valuable throughout the evening.