Winthrop Loses First Game in Three Years

John Winthrop House has lost its traditional iron grasp on the House hockey league with its defeat by the speedy sextet from Dudley Hall. The season reached the halfway mark Monday night, with the Lowell Bellboys still leading and a Puritan-Rambler tie for second.

With thirteen games played so far in the five Monday evening sessions at the Boston Skating Club, the outcome of the series is still far from certain, although Dudley, Kirkland, and Winthrop are fairly well ahead.

Lowell stands first with three victories and a tie followed by Dudley and Winthrop both with three wins and its recent loss to the Ramblers. The most crucial game, the Winthrop-Lowell tilt seems at present to depend on the desires of Uncle Sam.

A loss of the championship would be a hard blow to the Puritans who have held the crown ever since the House league initiated the sport. The defeat by Dudley was the first Winthrop loss in at least three years.

Neither of the other teams have figured heavily in puck rivalries of the past. Lowell has concentrated most of its efforts on the basketball court, while Dudley has been fairly consistently weak in hockey, for the last few years.

The Lowell sextet has no outstanding stars. Under the leadership of Jay V. Stuart, it has a full lineup of capable stickhandlers, including Eddle Gray and Tom Moseley at forwards, defense-men Mike Thompson and Do Danner, and goalie Bob MacPherson. The draft and the ERC is expected to break up the combine, but enough reserves are available to keep the squad a potent machine. PENTAGONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE STANDING OF THE TEAMS   W  L  Pts. Dartmouth  3  0  6 Harvard  1  0  2 Yale  1  2  2 Princeton  1  2  2 Army  0  2  0


Dartmouth 4, Princeton 1

Dartmouth 5, Yale 4

Princeton 5, Army 0



Princeton at Dartmouth


Harvard at Dartmouth