Building Condemned by Board of Health Here

Coincident with the entrance of the British into Gabes, last night came word from the Cambridge Board of Health that the triangular-shaped edifice at the juncture of Bow and Mt. Auburn Streets, so long disguised as a traffic accident, had been condemned as "unfit for human habitation."

Hard hit by the edict was M. Muchado Osborne, who threw up the sponge last night in eminently respectable 14 Plympton Street. Only other character available for comment after the axe had fallen was Henry S. Middendorf '45, of Baltimore and Eliot House. Said he, "No comment."

Justifying their position after a hurried glance at a passing whitewing named Sullivan, the Board of Health revealed that the order had been promulgated at a board meeting. The vote wasn't even close--23-2, in fact.