State Department Actions Explained to Defense Head

Replying to a letter from Ralph Bartn Perry, Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy and chairman of the American Defense Harvard Group, Under-Secretary of State Sumner Welles wrote that the actions taken in North African diplomatic relations conform to the desires of most of the American people, contrary to the opinion expressed in some circles.

Professor Perry's letter, which referred to such objections as the slighting of the Free French and asked for a clarification by the State Department, received a long and detailed reply from the Under-Secretary.

Welles pointed out that in time of war, there is a limitation placed upon the amount of information the government can release. Viewing the North African campagn at its present successful stage, he stated that "surface development has been taken as indication of basic policy."

Concerning U. S. neglect of India, Welles stated that the Indian peoples have been assured freedom to choose their government after the war. In his letter, Professor Perry had recited criticisms of the State Department "which we believe unfounded but which . . . may bring unmerited discredit on the State Department."