As guests of Clarence H. Haring '07, Robert Woods Bliss Professor of Latin-American History and Economics, and Master of Dunster House, Gonzalo Bautista, governor of the State of Puebla, and Francisco C. Najera, who head a party of distinguished Mexicans, will lunch at Dunster House Wednesday noon.

The party, which arrives in Boston this evening, will visit the Medical School, and the Observatory, members of whose stuff helped to plan and construct the new Mexican national astrophysical observatory at Tonanzintia, on Wednesday afternoon, and then attend a reception at the Fogg Museum, where the Glee Club will present a brief concert.

A special meeting of the American Acadmey of Arts and Sciences will be convened on Tuesday evening in tribute to Governor Bautista, who sponsored one of Mexico's most important observatories and Ambassador Najera, who has made great scientific accomplishments.